Internal Controls

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Internal Controls

We keep an eye on organization’s assets and resources and also act as shield against malpractices and loss of reputation of organization due to offended acts. We can control outcomes determined by hard work, attributes or decisions.

Responsibilities & Roles

  • We assess, design, implement and audit internal control system.
  • Exhibiting high performance on tasks involving learning or problem solving, when performance lead to value rewards.
  • Our principal based approach is on Control Environment, Risk Assessment, Control Activities, information and communication and monitoring activities.
  • Testing of design and implementation of internal control.
  • Testing of key control attributes.
  • We integrate the information theory and information technology in our approach.
  • We reduce the potential of human error due to carelessness, distraction, mistakes etc.

Salient Features of our Services

  • Separation of Duties
  • Quality of employees
  • Bonded Employees
  • Required Absences
  • Procedures Manual
  • Authority and Responsibility
  • Pre-numbered Documents
  • Pre-numbered Documents
  • Physical Control
  • Performance Evaluations