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Internal Audit

To increase the profits and to continue the business in progressive mode the internal audit is done, the internal audit defends the business from error and frauds. Once you feel that situation at the company is turning chaotic due to irregularities then we are the one to assist you and drive out your business out of the situation.

Responsibilities & Roles

  • We analyze Data and offer more strategic input based to prolong experience.
  • Our skilled communication creates a balance with executive team or shareholders.
  • In complex situations we are confident to execute the task.
  • Scrutinizing the vouchers supporting transactions.
  • Examining correspondence, minute books of share holders, directors, Memorandum and article of associations.
  • Guaranteeing safety ad perfect utilization of assets.
  • Friendly and collaborative approach towards our client.
  • We have global mindset for the cosmopolitan culture of UAE.
  • We are well versed with writing skills and presentation of audit communication.
  • We are well versed with writing skills and presentation of audit communication.
  • Familiarize with standards of communicating audit results.
  • Understanding the purpose of engagement communication.
  • The team is equipped with strong business sense.
  • Eyes that are on details.
  • Recognition of weakness and strength.
  • Ideal structure of internal audit report
  • Accuracy and reliability of financial records

Our Working strategy

  • Identifying departments for annual audit
  • Performing initial audit
  • Scrutinizing departments respond to audit
  • Finalizing Audit reports including recommendations
  • Finalizing report reviewed by Audit and Finance committee.

Salient Features of our Services

  • Systematic examinations of books of accounts of business.
  • Verification of results shown by profit and loss account.
  • The state of affairs as shown by the balance sheet.
  • Exhibiting true and fair view of state of affairs concern to financial statements and reports.
  • Critical review of the system of accounting and internal control.
  • Helping with vouchers, documents, Information and explanation received from organizations.